The company has been committed to the fields of new energy electric vehicle charging systems, high-voltage DC power supply systems(UPS), electric power supply systems, and energy storage systems. Providing the customers with a series of services such as product R&D and manufacturing, technical solution design, operation and maintenance, investment and construction, it is an energy internet solution provider with high growth and huge development space.

    V2G is the abbreviation of "Vehicle-to-Grid", which refers to the two-way energy interaction between vehicles and the grid. It is a technology and business model that allows electric vehicles (EVs) to communicate and exchange energy bidirectionally with the grid. In the V2G system, electric vehicles can not only obtain power from the grid for charging, but can also reversely transport the power stored in their batteries back to the grid to supply the needs of the grid.

     Energy Storage System (ESS) refers to a device or system used to convert energy into a storable form and release energy when needed.

   Our bidirectional charging module products are usually used in energy storage systems, or integrated energy storage + charging systems. The bidirectional charging module is a key component used in electric vehicle charging piles or charging equipment to achieve bidirectional energy flow. The application of bidirectional charging modules makes electric vehicles not only a carrier of electrical energy, but also a source and storage device of energy. This ability to flow energy in both directions can improve the flexibility, reliability and utilization of renewable energy in the power system, providing more possibilities for the development of the energy Internet and smart grids.

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