News: Power2Drive 2024 & Global New Energy 2024

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  • Section one: (Power2Drive Europe)


Against the backdrop of global energy transformation and sustainable development, the new energy electric vehicle industry is experiencing unprecedented development opportunities. On June 19, the highly anticipated Power2Drive Europe, an electric vehicle charging equipment exhibition in Munich, Germany, opened grandly at the Munich New International Exhibition Center.


As one of the largest economies in Europe, Germany's developments in the field of new energy electric vehicles have attracted global attention. German media reports show that Germany produced 1.27 million electric vehicles last year, of which 995,000 were pure electric vehicles.


Market research forecasts show that the global electric vehicle charging station market is experiencing a period of rapid growth. The market size is expected to reach US$32.86 billion in 2024 and is expected to grow to US$104.09 billion by 2029.


Maxwell also participated as an exhibitor. We are committed to High efficiency,High power factor, Higher power charging modules in EV charging and energy&battery storage industries.


We show cased our higher power AC/DC module for EV charging stations50kw@530VAC/1000VDC power module MXR100050B, which is a good option for ultra-fast high power charging stations.


Bidirectional DC/DC modules


These bidirectional DC/DC modules attracted the attention of many visitors. These bidirectional modules are an excellent choice for battery energy storage and charging equipment. With the increasing demand for energy storage, the energy storage field is constantly developing, and our R&D department is also increasing its R&D efforts in energy storage products.


  • Section Two:(Global New energy News)


The first Global New Energy Vehicle Cooperation and Development Forum (GNEV2024), hosted by the global new energy vehicle cooperation organization GREEM, was held in Singapore from June 27 to 28.


Murdoko, chairman of the Indonesian Electric Vehicle Industry Association, said that Indonesia has rich reserves of nickel and other raw materials for electric vehicles, and has issued support policies for electric vehicle-related industries, and will further expand the construction of charging facilities in the future.


"The market demand for electric vehicles is real and huge." Mike Cadigan, chief cooperation officer and chief government affairs officer of GlobalFoundries, predicted that the global semiconductor market size is expected to exceed US$1 trillion in 2030.


As a manufacturing hub in Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia also hopes to benefit from the development of the electric vehicle industry.


Vinothan Tulisi Nathzan, director of the Singapore office of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, introduced that Malaysia has issued relevant development strategies, hoping to make Malaysia a regional electric vehicle manufacturing hub. At the same time, Malaysia has also introduced relevant measures to encourage the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities to promote the popularization of electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector.


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  • MAXWELL Attending Power2Drive Europe 2024 in Munich, Germany

    Maxwell Technology is leading the charge in the electric vehicle charging revolution by designing and manufacturing high power EV charging modules. Our 50KW AC/DC and 60KW DC/DC modules will be shown on the Power2Drive 2024 exhibition, this June in Munich, Germany.

    28 2024-04-01
  • News: Power2Drive 2024 & Global New Energy 2024

    Power2Drive Europe, a major EV charging equipment exhibition, opened in Munich, Germany. Germany's strong presence in the new energy vehicle sector attracts global attention. The global EV charging station market is projected to reach $32.86 billion by 2024. Maxwell showcased high-power charging modules and bidirectional DC/DC converters. GNEV2024 in Singapore highlighted the market potential of EVs, with Indonesia and Malaysia actively pursuing industry developments.

    10 2024-07-10