MXR100050B EV DC charging power supply module

Featuring fast charging capability, high efficiency, compatibility and safety, 50 kW EV charging modules are suitable for public charging networks, commercial and industrial charging stations, and scenarios where fast charging is required. They offer electric vehicle users a more convenient, efficient and reliable charging option.

    Ultra-wide output voltage range.200~1000VDC.suitable for a wide range of EVs.

    Ultra-high output power. in 300v-1000v output voltage,50kW constant power output;

    Wide operating temperature range at -40C-+80℃.

    Full load efficiency is higher than 96%. high efficiency in the whole the working range, and more power saving.

    Ultra-low noise, enhance user charging experience.

    The current in the low-voltage area does not shrink, and the charging speed is faster;

    The module is built with residual pressure relief loop to reduce system cost and improve system reliability.


    The MXR100050B is a high-power AC/DC charging module specially designed for high-end charging scenarios of electric vehicles. Rated output power is 50 kw, and supports 260VAC~530VAC three-phase four-wire system (A/B/C +PE) input, the output voltage range is 200VDC~1000VDC, the maximum output current is 167 A, supports silent mode setting, in silent mode, the noise is less than 55dB.

    The charging module uses the isolated controller area network (CAN) communications port to communicate with the system monitoring module through the CAN protocol. The output voltage mode of the charging module can be set on the system monitoring module to perform voltage regulation, current limiting, and start-stop and other operations on the charging module.


    Characteristic Curve



    • Output Power
    • Input Voltage
      260-530Vac, three-phase + PE
    • Input Current
    • Grid Frequency
    • ITHD
    • Voltage Range
    • Current Range
      0-167A continuously adjustable
    • Rated Current
    • Voltage stabilized accuracy
    • Current stabilized accuracy
      ≤±1%(Output current≥20% Max current)
    • Current Sharing Imbalance
      <±5%(Output current≥50% Max current)
    • Ripple Peak to Peak
    • Operating Temperatue
      -40℃~75℃(derating is required above 55℃)
    • Storage Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
      ≤95% RH without condensation
    • Altitude
      ≤2000m (derating can be used above 2000m)
    • Size(W×D×H)
    • Cooling Mode
      Forced air cooling
    • Communication Method
      CAN bus
    • Parallel Module Quantity
      ≤60 pieces
    • Certification
    • Power Factor
    • Weight
    • Efficiency(full load)
    • Standby Power consumption

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