MXR100040L Charger Module

MXR100040L is specially designed for EV DC chargers with liquid cooling requirements. The module is equipped with high efficiency, high power density and high reliability. It has cleared CE TUV certification with class B level.
  • Function Details
    1.1 Hot-plugging
    Hot-plugging charging modules, easy installation and maintenance.
    1.2 Current sharing
    Automatical current sharing between modules, current imbalance less than 3%.
    1.3 AC input Power limiting
    When input voltage is between 323Vac~530Vac (hysteresis less than 15V), module can output maximum power.
    1.4 Output constant power control
    At the rated input voltage of the charging module, the allowable output power is 40kW.
    1.5 Temperature derating
    When the liquid inlet temperature is below 60°C, the module outputs full power;
    When the liquid inlet temperature is above 60°C, it is used with derating and is a piecewise linear power limiting;
    At a liquid inlet temperature of 75°C, the module allows an output power of 10kW.
    Above the liquid inlet temperature of 75°C, the module output power drops to 0.
    1.6 Output current configuration
    Through external monitoring (controller), the module current can be configured continuously between 0A to 133.3 A.
    1.7 Output voltage adjustment
    Through external monitoring (controller), the module output voltage can be adjusted
    continuously, Adjustment range is 50Vdc~1000Vdc, minimum adjustablepace is 0.1Vdc.
    1.8 Input over/under voltage protection

    1.9 Output overvoltage protection

    1.10 Over temperature protection

    1.11 Internal bus fault protection

    1.12 Short circuit protection
    Packaging and Transportation
    For each single module packaging

    • PE plastic bag set and desiccant inside.
    • Two pieces of pearl cotton are used to protect the panel end and module end, which are packed into a carton.
    • Output Power
    • Input Voltage
      260-530Vac, three-phase + PE
    • Input Current
    • Grid Frequency
    • Power Factor
      ≥0.95(8kw≤output power≤20kw); ≥0.98(20kw≤output power≤40kw)
    • ITHD
      ≤5%(20kw≤output power≤40kw)
    • Voltage Range
    • Current Range
      0-133.3A continuously regulated
    • Rated Current
    • Voltage stabilized accuracy
    • Current stabilized accuracy
    • Current Sharing Imbalance
    • Ripple Peak to Peak
    • Operating Temperatue
      -40℃~75℃, output derating above 60℃
    • Storage Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
      ≤95% RH without condensation
    • Altitude
      No derating below 2000m,When the altitude is above 1000m, it needs to set the actual altitude value, the working temperature decreases by 1℃ for each additional 100 m
    • MTBF
      >500000 hours
    • Size(W×D×H)
    • Weight
    • Efficiency(full load)
    • Cooling Mode
      Liquid cooling
    • Communication Method
      CAN bus
    • Parallel Module Quantity
      ≤60 pieces
    • Indicator
      Green: normal operation  Yellow: alarm   Red: fault LED digital tube
    • Standby Power consumption

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