MXR100040 EV Charger Module

The 40 kW AC-DC charging module is fast and can be used at home, in public places, or at work to charge electric vehicles. It takes AC power and converts it to DC power for EV charging. Standard connectors make it compatible with many EV models, increasing its applicability. Charging modules of this power level are a good choice for both charging efficiency and the user's experience.
  • Model: MXR100040

    AC Input: 285-475V/75A

    DC Input: 100-1000V/0-133.3A

    Power: 40kw

    Constant power voltage range: 300-1000V



    The MXR100040 is a matural 40kw charging module designed for high power charging stations. Rated output power is 40 kw, with 285VAC-475VAC, three-phase, the output volage range is 100VDC-1000VDC, the maximum output curent is 133.3 A.
    The charging module is with the isolated controller area netwok (CAN) communication ptotocol communicating with the system monitoring module through the CAN protocol. The output voltage mode of the charging module can be set on the system monitoning module to perfomm volage regulation, current limiting, power on/power off and other operations on the charging module.


    1. Hot Swap:
    The charging module adopts plug-in technology, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
    2. Current sharing imbalance for modules in parallel:
    The charging modules can automatically share the current, and the unbalance degree is less than 3%.
    3. Output constant power control:
    When the output voltage is: 300-1000Vdc, the maximum output power of this module is 40kw.
    4. MTBF is more than 500,000 hours


    • Output Power
      40kW@ output volatge ≥300Vdc
    • Input Voltage
      285-475Vac, three-phase + PE
    • Input Current
    • Grid Frequency
    • Voltage Range
      100-1000Vdc, default value: 200Vdc
    • Current Range
    • Current Sharing Imbalance
    • Ripple Peak to Peak
    • Storage Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
      ≤95% RH without condensation
    • Altitude
      No derating below 2000m,When the altitude is above 1000m, it needs to set the actual altitude value, the working temperature decreases by 1℃ for each additional 100 m
    • MTBF
      >500000 hours
    • Size(W×D×H)
    • Weight
    • Efficiency(full load)
    • Cooling Mode
      Fan cooling
    • Standby Power consumption
    • Communication Method
      CAN bus
    • Parallel Module Quantity
      ≤60 pieces
    • Indicator
      Green: normal operation  Yellow: alarm   Red: fault
    • Certification
    • Power Factor
      ≥0.95(8kw≤output power≤20kw); ≥0.98(20kw≤output power≤40kw)
    • ITHD
      ≤5%(20kw≤output power≤40kw)
    • Voltage stabilized accuracy
      ≤±0.5%(voltage stabilization status, input voltage 323Vac~456Vac, output voltage 200Vdc~1000Vdc, output current 0~Rated current value)
    • Current stabilized accuracy
      ≤±1%(voltage stabilization status, input voltage 323Vac~456Vac, output voltage 200~1000Vdc, output current 20% rated current~100% rated current value)
    • Operating Temperatue
      -40℃~75℃, output derating above 55℃

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